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The members of the Sinister Six are seeking to get revenge against their former leader, Doctor Octopus. This confrontation is being watched from the shadows by Spider-Man. However, his spider-sense has warned him of something behind him, something big. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus provides his former teammates with an ultimatum: join him or die. The Sinister Six attack, but the Doctor is ready for them and beats them around with his new adamantium arms, except for Sandman. As Sandman makes his way through his foe's attacks, he learns that the Doctor Octopus wasn't behind the explosion involving the Casadas and it was instead the rest of the Sinister Six, in an attempt to convince him to join their cause. When the Sandman attempts to turn on his former allies, Doctor Octopus blasts Sandman with the gun that can transmute him into glass.   Doctor Octopus is about to smash the glass form of the Sandman into pieces to make a point to the others when Spider-Man jumps in. He immediately goes on the offensive as the other members of the Sinister Six side with Octavius, while also dodging the Doctor's attacks. The wall-crawler is overwhelmed by this assault, and fearing he might lose this battle, Spider-Man tags the Hobgoblin with a spider-tracer in the hopes of tracking them down later. Just then, the Hulk smashes through a wall and evens the odds for the wall-crawler. As the Hulk clashes with Electro, Spider-Man asks the Hulk how he got there. He gives Spider-Man a glib answer as he can't tell Spider-Man that Delphi of the Pantheon sent him on this mission as she saw Doctor Octopus taking over the world. The Hulk then takes down Electro, Mysterio, and Hobgoblin with single blows as Spider-Man fends off from attacks from Doctor Octopus. Otto smashes Spidey through the walls, surrounding equipment, and the floor. Hulk goes after their foe but is given away by his shadow allowing Doctor Octopus takes hold of the Hulk as he tosses the wall-crawler out of the warehouse and into the harbor. With the Hulk restrained, Doctor Octopus lashes into the gamma-spawned monster sending him crashing through a nearby wall.   With the two heroes defeated, Doctor Octopus takes the Sandman's inert form and invites the rest of the Sinister Six aboard his ship. As they escape, he apologizes for his past betrayal, saying now he has come up with a plan that will assist them in taking over the world. He explains that what they need weapons, and they will find those weapons in another dimension.

Spider-Man #19

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