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Enter now: The Age of Apocalypse  The X-Ternals escape some of Apocalypse's men and meet up with their leader, Gambit, who has joined up with Magneto in a plan to steal the M'Kraan Crystal. They infiltrate a base of Apocalypse and use Lila Cheney's suppressed mutant powers to travel to the Shi'ar Galaxy.   SynopsisJubilee has stolen some medical supplies and is now pursued by the Infinites, the watchdogs of Apocalypse. She wonders if she's chosen the right side of this fight; some mutants choose to survive as the chosen and follow Apocalypse while others, like herself, get pulled into a resistance, like those staged by Gambit and his team of X-Ternals. Unable to get away from the Infinites, Jubilee is rescued by Sunspot and Guido. The men make quick work of the Infinites and then the trio sneaks to their rebel base, avoiding the many subtle detections of Apocalypse. Once at the base, the medical supplies are distributed by a liaison between mutants and humans, the non-mutant Lila Cheney. The X-Ternals are told that their leader is below. They head down but find instead Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto, the leader of the X-Men. Feeling that Magneto has done something to their leader, the team prepares for a fight. That leader, however, arrives from the shadows. Gambit explains that he has asked Magneto to accompany him since Magneto has a plan that requires Gambit's band of thieves and their expertise in heisting things, like the biggest jewel in all the universe.  In the Fedayeen Station, the beaten Infinites report to their leader, an ambitious mutant named Julio Esteban Richter (Rictor). He is displeased with their failure because it makes him look bad and unworthy of a promotion. He charges his men to work harder so as to impress the visiting Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.  The X-ternals follow Magneto through the old Morlock Tunnels until they reach a high security door. Through it they are told they will find a major part of Apocalypse's technologies and information....

Marvel Gambit and the X-Ternals #1

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